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Who We Are

Our Story

A workspace to keep you innovative, motivated and successful.  Enjoy the privacy of your own space while having the opportunity to collaborate with others.  A chance to be creative, network and expand your business or career.  A unique community of startups and creative professionals. Founded in 2020, Northern Ohio Business Center strives to be the best Coworking Space for entrepreneurs, freelancers and other professionals.


At our intimate space, you’ll find a group of innovative thinkers who are conquering the world in a variety of fields. With modern facilities, community events and plenty of amenities, we provide everything you need to succeed.


How it all began

The Creation of NOBC

As a small business owner, I have always had an open door policy. I always enjoy talking with my staff and members. At the same time I also had responsibilities on the back end of my business; payroll, HR, expenses, accounting, data entry and so on. It seemed to get harder and harder to accomplish my work for the day even in my office. Then, I opened up two more businesses. Crazy right?! Now more staff and more members...and more work!


At that point I realized I had to remove myself from the office in the businesses to get more work done. I then relocated my office to home. I love my home, my wife, my kids and my dogs, however, WAY too many distractions. I continually thought about having my own private office. The idea was born. Having a space where people can network, be around motivated individuals and get work done! Northern Ohio Business Center came to fruition and I cannot be more excited to share the space with you.

David Andras


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